Things to Do in Provence: The Marie-Hélène Sola Exhibition


Things to Do in Provence: The Marie-Helene Sola Exhibition

If you’re looking for things to do in Provence during your stay at Benvengudo Hotel, make sure you devote some time in your itinerary to Marie-Hélène Sola’s ‘Fragmentism’ studio-gallery. This fascinating showcase displays a collection of pictorial art that will expand your perception of the world around you beyond the canvas. Who is Marie-Hélène Sola?…

Things to do in Provence: The Benjamin Vautier Exhibition


Things to do in Provence: The Benjamin Vautier Exhibition

The Benjamin Vautier Exhibition is currently housed within the Yves Brayer Museum, in the heart of Les Baux-de-Provence. Vautier is considered one of the 20th Century’s leading French artists and is currently living and working in Nice. His works can be identified by his iconic first name signature – BEN for which he is more commonly…

Benvengudo Hotel Reveals New Decoration Brands for Renovation


Benvengudo Hotel Reveals New Decoration Brands for Renovation

Benvengudo Hotel is in the process of renovating their Cote Jardin rooms and suites, which are due for completion on May 15th. As part of the renovation, Benvengudo will be rebranding their decorations and have selected the contemporary lamp and lighting designers Villa Alys to light their luxurious suites. The Villa Alys Lamps The passion…

Seabass and artichokes with samphire barigoule


Benvengudo Hotel Restaurant Launches Easter Menu

The Benvengudo Hotel has announced a special new restaurant menu in time for Easter. This custom menu is set to provide guests with a range of mouth-watering dishes for the upcoming Easter weekend. New head chef creates Easter menu Benvengudo Hotel Restaurant has a reputation for excellence. We source the freshest ingredients in Provence to…

Mathieu Groshenry


Benvengudo Hotel Welcomes its New Chef Mathieu Groshenry

Whilst visiting the Benvengudo Hotel, you will be given the opportunity to sample some of the finest cuisine in Provence. Our menu is designed by our new chef Mathieu Groshenry. Mathieu offers a different menu every day based on fresh seasonal products, in which vegetables, herbs, and olive oil produced from Benvengudo’s own olive groves, are combined for your enjoyment. Our restaurant is open every day from…

Hand painted oil painting from Yves Brayer


Things to do in Provence: Yves Brayer Museum

If you’re looking for something to do in Provence you should visit The Yves Brayer Museum. Located in the idyllic village of Les Baux-de-Provence, near Benvengudo Hotel, the Museum is dedicated to showcasing the work of one of the most talented French artists of the 20th Century. Who was Yves Brayer? Yves Brayer was born…

Things to do in Provence: The Santons Museum


Things to do in Provence: The Santons Museum

The village of Baux is home to many cultural and historical sites that celebrate the heritage of Les Baux-de-Provence. The Musée du Santon or Santons Museum is a fine example of one of those sites and an excellent event that is located within walking distance of the Benvengudo Hotel. This museum, nestled in the winding streets…

Things to do in Provence: The Carrieres de Lumieres


Things to do in Provence: The Carrieres de Lumieres

Following on from last week’s blog post, the Benvengudo blog once again explores the heritage of Les Baux-de-Provence with the dazzling multimedia show of The Carrieres de Lumieres. The Carrieres is located in the Val d’Enfer quarry, just 2km from Benvengudo Hotel, which was originally created for extracting bauxite and limestone for the construction of the…

Benvengudo Hotel Visits the Museum of Louis Jou in provence


Benvengudo Hotel Visits the Museum of Louis Jou in Provence

Located in the heart Les Baux-de-Provence village is the Louis Jou Exhibition. For those visiting Benvengudo Hotel with an interest in the Renaissance and the rich heritage of Les Baux, the exhibition of Louis Jou is a must see attraction. Louis Jou (1881-1968) was an artist, engraver, illustrator, typographer and talented edi­tor. Louis Jou’s reputation…

Benvengudo Hotel Reviews Provence Wine


Benvengudo Hotel Reviews Provence Wine

The vineyards of Les Baux-de-Provence are set in the rugged terrain of the Alpilles close to Benvengudo Hotel. The wine produced here is rich in diversity and character; whether it’s red, white or rosé. Visiting the Provence vineyards is an ideal way to learn about the heritage of Les Baux-de-Provence whilst tasting the wine and…

Horticultural Events Near Benvengudo Hotel


Horticultural Events Near Benvengudo Hotel

  For plant and gardening enthusiasts visiting Benvengudo Hotel, Les Baux-de-Provence has several events that will provide you with a unique vision of southern French living and horticulture. The ‘Maisons & Jardins du Sud’ Exhibition The ‘Maisons & Jardins du Sud’ exhibition (Houses and Gardens of the South) is located less than 40 minutes from…

Benvengudo Hotel Reviews the Olive Oils of Provenc


Benvengudo Hotel Reviews the Olive Oils of Provence

The rich and fertile hills surrounding Benvengudo Hotel are home to some of the finest olive groves in Provence. Comparable to a fine wine, the olives grown here have a bouquet, a colour, a flavour and elegance that captures the essence of the surrounding Vallée des Baux-de-Provence. Benvengudo’s own olives are grown at the hotel and…

Golf de Servanes at the foot of the Alpilles


Best Golf Courses Near Benvengudo Hotel

Les Baux-de-Provence is a golfers paradise, with many different courses all located with an hour’s drive from Benvengudo Hotel. Located closest to Benvengudo are the Golf de Servanes and Golf du Domaine de Manville courses. Golf de Servanes At the foot of the Alpilles Mountains is the Servanes course. Just 12km away from Benvengudo, its…

Image of the Château des Baux de Provence Near Benvengudo Hotel


Benvengudo Hotel Visits Chateau des Baux de Provence

Benvengudo Hotel blog will explore the history and attractions of Les Baux-de-Provence in a new series of articles. No site has more historically significant than the Château des Baux de Provence; a 10th century fortified castle that towers over the village and surrounding landscape of Provence. Located well within walking distance of Benvengudo Hotel, the Chateau…

L'isle sur la sorgue


L Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Provence antiques markets

With an air of Venice, the charming Provence island city of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, criss-crossed by canals, is world famous for its antique furniture markets… L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue has become one of the must-see attractions of the Provence. Situated approximately 25km east of Avignon, this island city offers visitors a glimpse of history… The old, colourful houses bordering the…

Angus beef


The new summer menu is out

Our new summer menu is out. Here are some examples of dishes signed by Pascal Ginoux, 1 Michelin star Chef.   Le foie gras de canard confit, melon de Cavaillon en aigre doux, fine gelée au Rasteau La lotte rôtie, petit épeautre en risotto au vieux parmesan, vinaigrette vierge au pistou Les fromages de Vincent…

Benvengudo Golf Bigshot


Benvengudo is partner at the Big Shot Swiss Tour

On May 24th was held the qualifying round of the first edition of the Big Shot Swiss Tour at Golf de Lavaux. The Big Shot is a long distance championship aiming to elect the longest hitters in Switzerland among golf enthusiasts and the general public. The Gentlemen winner shot at 230 m, while the Ladies winner…

Mother's day


Mother’s Day

    On Sunday May 25th, 2014, a day dedicated to them, a moment to celebrate and share with family. In this day of celebration, the hotel restaurant Benvengudo Provence invites you to discover a special menu with green asparagus and summer truffles, lamb confit … and more. In a unique and enchanting setting, our family…

Menu de Paques


The egg and the Easter lamb in Les Baux de Provence

With Easter upon us, the hotel Benvengudo restaurant in Provence invites you to discover eggs and the Easter lamb in Les Baux de Provence. With family or friends, celebrate the return of spring in Provence around our sunny pool, where adults and children will enjoy a great egg hunt amidst olive groves and pine trees.…



Benvengudo restaurant opens on April 4th

The restaurant of hotel Benvengudo opens its doors on April 4th. Pascal Ginoux, 1 Michelin star chef, signs the dishes of our restaurant and invites you to share his passion for cooking and to discover our region through exceptional products. Here is a sample composition of dishes from our menu: Les asperges vertes de pays cuites et en…

Gourmet Restaurant in Les Baux de Provence


Gourmet Restaurant in Les Baux de Provence

The Benvengudo restaurant in Les Baux de Provence is known for its gourmet cuisine. We offer a delicious and authentic menu and a selection of excellent wines from the Benvengudo cellar. Created by Michelin star chef Pascal Ginoux and brilliantly executed by our own chef Aurélien Laget, you will discover a symphony of original flavors…

Hotel Swimming Pool Provence


Provence hotel with Swimming Pool – Benvengudo

Imagine yourself in the heart of the Provence… A warm breeze, drifting past you, bringing the song of the cicadas…amidst olive groves, fragrant lavender and almond blooms…our Les Baux de Provence hotel is exactly that! Benvengudo hotel is centrally located in Les Baux de Provence, and offers an ideal base from which to explore this…


Luxury Hotel**** Les Baux de Provence (PACA)

Located in Les Baux de Provence (PACA), the luxury hotel Benvengudo **** welcomes you in its 27 rooms, suites and apartments in the heart of a 3 hectares park. Book now your holiday in Provence and take advantage of our Best Guaranteed Rate. Hotel Benvengudo Provence Quartier de l’Arcoule (D78F) 13520 Les Baux de Provence…


Gourmet restaurant Provence

The new Chef of our gourmet restaurant Benvengudo in Les Baux de Provence, Aurélien LAGET, runs with talent the card signed by Pascal GINOUX (one star Michelin Chef). Pascal Ginoux has worked at the Jardin de l’Opéra (2 Michelin stars), the Moulin de Lourmarin (2 Michelin stars), the Jardin des Sens (3 Michelin stars), and…